Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mama's Mission of The Month: March in Review

So, let me be the first to admit that this month was not a stellar showing on my part. I did get roughly half the things accomplished that I wanted to, however, so I will take comfort in that. It's been a month of trying to develop routines that work, and so far, it has been trial and error. As the month closes out, the ratio of successes to failures is starting to lean more towards success than failure, so I will gladly take it.

  • Find new PCPs and schedule appointments as needed
  • Keep all regularly scheduled appointments
  • Take medications regularly
  • Routines!!! (still a work in progress, but things are falling into place)
  • Start chore charts on March 2 (I was late, but they did get done)
  • Go to kindergarten round up and find out about Pre-K

  • Don't go to bed with any messes! (like the routines, a work in progress)
  • Make (and stick to) a meal plan

  • Finish March budget by bedtime March 1

  • Write post ideas down as they come

  • Clean off/de-clutter the porch

  • Routines!!! (see above... this one falls in a grey area)
  • Start flying! (postponed to April)
  • Don't go to bed with any messes! (progress, but not enough to get marked off as done)

  • Look into filing bankruptcy
  • Save for Christmas and a car

  • Blog daily
  • Keep up with blogs I used to read

  • Set a date with Cynthia for Ser Steak
  • See my mom & Dacey (out of our control... but soon... it's in the works)
  • Write 2 letters each to Connor and Tucker (I suck... that is all)

  • Do the preschool workbooks
  • Try ABeCeDarian with at least Ryli
  • ABCmouse.com time for each kid every day.
This was the worst part of any of the routine type things I was trying to get done.
  • Get library cards (Texas weather and my knee... not good)