Sunday, March 1, 2015

One definite carry over from the old, dead blog

I tried to do Mama's Mission of the Month there, and I really like the basic principle of it. I make myself some goals in various categories, and post as to what they are. Then, ideally, at month's end, I post a follow up of how I fared that month. I got the idea from Mama Jenn's blog way back when, and it is just a really neat way to be held accountable. She offers to templates, one with pre-filled categories, and the other a blank template you can fill out on your own. I opted for the blank, because I don't have a partner in crime (I'm single, I can find trouble on my own), and I am not inclined to subscribe to a ministry of any form. 

So, for the month of March 2015, my personal categories are personal, parenting, homemaking, financial, blog/online stuff,friends/family, homeschooling, and miscellaneous. Without further ado, here are the goals in the aforementioned categories! 

  • Find new PCPs and schedule appointments as needed
  • Keep all regularly scheduled appointments
  • Take medications regularly

  • Routines!!!
  • Start chore charts on March 2
  • Go to kindergarten round up and find out about Pre-K

  • Start flying! (details to follow in another post)
  • Don't go to bed with any messes!
  • Make (and stick to) a meal plan

  • Finish March budget by bedtime March 1
  • Look into filing bankruptcy
  • Save for Christmas and a car

  • Blog daily
  • Keep up with blogs I used to read
  • Write post ideas down as they come

  • Set a date with Cynthia for Ser Steak
  • See my mom & Dacey
  • Write 2 letters each to Connor and Tucker

  • Do the preschool workbooks
  • Try ABeCeDarian with at least Ryli
  • time for each kid every day.

  • Clean off/de-clutter the porch
  • Get library cards
Now, some of you may be wondering why I have the goal pertaining to kindergarten round-up and the whole category of Homeschool. I would love to homeschool Ryli and Landry, but I'm keeping my options open. The reason that I need to start some semblance of schooling at all is because for almost 10 months, they were sent to preschool because of the CPS investigation of their father. I don't want them to start school without working with them first.