Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Favorite To Do List

I have always been, and will in all likelihood, always be a tad scatterbrained. The ADD doesn't help me much in that regard. To do lists have always been recommended, but with me, they always became a page of doodles and half-written things to do, or filled to overflowing, with enough tasks and things to do that Superwoman herself would be hard pressed to get it all done.

In the other blog's preparatory days, I stumbled upon a nice little printable that broke everything down. A section for meals, things to do about the house (with only so many spaces), ideas, everything. I found it at Christian Mommy Blogger. There are two to choose from, one with a homeschooling category, and one without. I love it so much, I am considering laminating a few and using an ultra fine tip dry erase marker on them. 

The best thing for me is the entire bottom section. It's titled "Plan of Attack" and has categories AM, Noon, and PM. I fill one out right before bed or right after I get up, and I tend to not aimlessly drift through my day. Best part of it, hands down, is it means that I have time to relax with the little people and not feel as if I'm slacking.

I keep the one for the day on a full size clipboard. Much easier to keep track of that way. And when I am done with one, they currently go into a drawer in the hutch so that the kids have something other than brand new printer paper to write and draw on. All in all, it works out quite well, and I can tell a difference between days where I use ones and the days that I don't. Soon, I hope that I can go Saturday and Sunday without needing to fill them out.

The plan I have starting on Monday is to fill them out with my Fly Lady tasks for the day, and any other "extra" things that I deem necessary.

And with that, I bid you ado, as I need to add printer ink to my shopping list!