Friday, March 27, 2015

Once a Month Meals, oh how I missed you!

When we moved up to Dallas in 2012, I went on a recipe hunt. Landry wasn't really eating anything aside from baby food yet, Ryli would gobble down anything that was set before her, and X was constantly on my back that I never made anything for dinner outside of my then repertoire. (honestly it was pretty pathetic)

In my hunt for new dishes to try, I ended up following via e-mail a lot of different blogs and their newsletters. My inbox was perpetually stuffed to the virtual gills back in those days. I bookmarked so many recipes that peaked my interest. I even tried a few. Funny thing, though; for as much as X complained that I never cooked anything outside my normal repertoire, he almost always vetoed what I wanted to try in lieu of the usual fare. Go figure, and add that to the litany of reasons I don't miss him.

Flash forward to last summer, when Ryli, Landry and myself were setting up in our new home, with X not allowed. I started to get kitchen implements that I had wanted forever to make things at least a little easier on me, but that X would say no to because he wanted another toy or some other bit of foolishness Nothing that fancy, mind you. Things like a good skillet, a cast iron skillet, a big slow cooker, a food processor (remember, I only have one functional upper limb). The only truly questionable purchase I made was still a money saver. (I bought an air popcorn popper, saving money and entertaining the kids, which is a total win-win)

There was one recipe that I got from Once a Month Meals (it was Once a Month Mom back then) that went over particularly well,yet only made once. I really don't know why I only made it once, but by the time I was making up the grocery list, I google searched until I found Tangy Beef Stroganoff just like I'd remembered. It was made last Friday, with two kids slurping it up with their egg noodles.

When I found the recipe, I couldn't help but remember that I was one of the original subscribers when they started to offer a subscription service. All that time I logged in, just soaking up the delicious sights, and I forgot about it. I was rather disappointed in myself for forgetting that one. They had a few menus every month in 2012 when last I'd looked, but they have grown. It used to be a traditional menu and a few others, like the Glten Free/Dairy Free and Vegetarian. Now, there are those, along with whole food, Paleo, Diet, Allergen, and varying Mini Menus. I admit, I got sucked into the site on several occasions in the past few days.

The goal of the site is rather simple with a membership. Admittedly, I'm still acclimating myself, but there does seem to be more options than I remember. You can still just look up a recipe and cook it on the spt for a meal the same day, but as the name implies, this is meant to be something you do once a month, freezing everything for reheating on the intended day. Now, however, you can customize your month's menu how ever you like, make shopping lists,and have the directions to get you through preparation, cooking, freezing and storing. And if you're like me, and need something that day, and/or lack the space in your freezer, the recipes are in a format where cooking without freezing is always an option.

Right now, I'm planning meals in advance, but I don't have a whole lot of wiggle room as far as what I can somehow manage to cram into the freezer. I long for the day when I have enough space to spread out in, and hope to get a chest freezer so that I can start freezing meals and still have space for everything else. For the time being, I'll continue to plan as I have been. All in good time, I will have the sufficient space and storage tools to be able to do the single cooking days.

Until then, I seriously urge you to click the link below the picture. I swear, you won't regret it. At least, not for any negative reasons!
Check it out here!