Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mippy Manor's Week in Review: (Belated) Solo Saturday Edition

It has been a week of a severe case of the blahs. I will make no excuses for it. Sometimes, you just have one of "those" weeks where it seems eerily similar to Groundhog Day. With the exception of Wednesday, it was a seemingly endless case of S.O.S.D.D. (same ol' shit, different day, to the unfamiliar). I felt like I was constantly picking up messes, breaking up fights, and trying to come up with some ways to break up the tedium. On that front, I think I actually came up with a plan of action, so that will be implemented tomorrow.

Wednesday was a trial run of getting two appointments in neighboring buildings done back-to-back in one day. Epic fail. We left the house at 9:00 so we could run to the corner store for some drink and snacks. Each of the kids took a backpack with toys, and Ryli brought her umbrella, as it rained off and on throughout the day. I had my big purse with several bottles of water in it, and found myself carrying Landry's backpack a good deal of the time. It was not fun. At all. My appointment was at 11:00, and although they assured me I'd have plenty of time for getting across the lot for Ryli's appointment, it was much closer to five minutes. By the time it was all said and done, we were home at nearly 6:00. I neglected to take dinner out of the freezer to thaw, so the three of us made brinner (breakfast for dinner; for us, bacon, scrambled eggs, muffins, orange juice and/or milk), and crashed out soon after.

The Nerd Blocks came this week. Mine came on Tuesday, Landry's came Wednesday, and then Ryli's came yesterday. We each got a matching gag gift set of a whoopee cushion and two "ice cubes" with plastic flies inside. The whoopee cushions have been dubbed "The Farters" and have gotten an extensive workout. Ryli and Landry pranked their grandparents with them yesterday, and then Memaw and Pepaw helped them get their father.

I got a Guardians of The Galaxy magnet, and a set of nesting dolls. Groot is now sitting on the printer, watching me type this, shielding all his fellow guardians. There was also a Shaun of the Dead tee-shirt and a copy of Simon Pegg's auto-biography, Nerd Do Well, a little giraffe figurine that the kids demolished the box to, and the gag set. As soon as I finish off Wolf Hall, I will be reading Nerd Do Well. 

In the Nerd Block Juniors, besides the aforementioned "farters",  Ryli got a Gund Grumpy Cat, which is sleeping on her bed upstairs. Landry got a Digimon figure instead of Grumpy Cat. Then, there was Mega Blocks Spongebob Figurines in blind bags, Lego Friends erasers for Ryli, while Landry got a Lego Chima set, some goo, and a little throwing-stress ball-type thing each. I really like how the boxes for them are just enough alike that none gets overly jealous, yet different enough that they don't fight. Here's to hoping that maybe next month, they'll all get here the same day!

I did get my ink cartridge for my printer. I've almost emptied it already, printing out my To-Do list, my control journal for Fly Lady, recipes that have made it off the bookmark list and to the treasure trove of keeper recipes, and little chore charts for the littles, among other things. Things are falling into place.

This coming week's most difficult feat will start tonight. I have got to kick Ryli and Landry's cuddly little butts out of my bed. I'm too old to sleep in a virtual mosh pit! I've started to look into sleep trainer clocks for their room, to aid in the progress. And, regardless of the weather, I will wear them out this week, as they start their chore charts. Nothing too hard to start, just some things that would be AWESOME to get them into the habit of doing all by themselves. We can build on it from there.

Now, to take a little nap before they return from the weekend's final visitation. Here is to a much improved week! Eroy is in the house, and things are looking better and better.