Monday, March 2, 2015

This should be interesting...

So, I have been eyeing Amazon's Fire TV for quite awhile. Then, just before Christmas, the released the Fire TV stick. I instantly started to drool. We do TV the old school way here, we just had to add a digital converter box to our trust rabbit ears. I've also heard whisperings of Sling TV, which sounded really good. Certain cable networks that are available through them for $20 a month. They have add on packs as well, each running $5. Not bad in my book.

Over the weekend, I was perusing Amazon, as I had a gift card. I looked up Fire TV Stick, and they were running a promotion with Sling TV. Sign up for three months of Sling, and you either got a $50 credit to use towards a Fire TV box, or a free Fire TV Stick. Today, even through it won't ship out until March 10, I ordered my Fire TV Stick after I signed up for Sling with the added Kid's pack. And since the order total was enough to get free shipping, I bought a brush for Ryli's curly locks that was highly recommended. Win-win.

After I get the munchkins safely off to Dreamland tonight, I'm going to give Sling a whirl. I already have the app on the laptop, so I may as well start using the service since I'm paid until June! So, soon, you'll have a review of Sling on the computer, and after the Fire TV Stick, I'll review them both. And, as an added bonus, I'll get a 30-day trial of Prime. Yippee!