Friday, March 13, 2015

So conflicted

It's grey and raining once again. The rational, adult part of me says that it's good. We haven't gotten near enough rain in quite awhile, and water restrictions are getting really old. I want to be able to fill up a pool for the kids without concern for if the day is even or odd. I want to haul the kids to the beach one of these days, and not worry about the smells that can emit from a lake that's low. The rational, adult part of me says bring it on.

The rest of me is singing "Rain rain, go away" on a loop in my head. I want to take the kids outside to play, because that helps them sleep. I want to go and sit in the sun, while they ride on the scooter or frolic on the playground. I want to be able to get the mail and not have to keep telling Landry to get out of the mud puddles (or plain mud) every 15 feet. I want to see the sun through the windows instead of the drab grey of the sky.

So, here I sit, totally torn about the weather that I can't control. I think this just calls for a little ingenuity on my part. Maybe it's time for some indoor forts or something of that sort!