Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ryli's Kindergarten Round-Up (so NOT impressed)

I still vaguely remember my kindergarten round-up, even if it was 1981. The prospective kindergartners went to a real kindergarten class, and our future teachers led us through mini-lessons while our moms filled out the paperwork and showed proof of immunizations. With my oldest, in 2001, she was asked to attend, and after the paperwork was out of the way, we got a tour of the school. 

Tuesday rolled around and I knew that I was short a complete shot record, as I accidentally had Ryli's packed away for our impending move when she had her 4 year set of shots. No big deal, right? I'd just call her pediatrician's office and have them fax it over. They'd done it for me in the past. I called around 10:00 and gave them the school's name and their fax number. 

At 2:45, after the sitter arrived for Landry, Ryli and I struck out in a fine drizzle to the school. Not too bad of a walk, and it went by quickly with all of Ryli's endless questions about my experiences in kindergarten. After-school pick up was in full swing when we arrived, so I quickly found the sign indicating the office and in we went to find out where we were supposed to go. I was a little miffed when we were told to go back outside and around the entrance to the cafeteria entrance, but off we went.

Ryli put up her Hello Kitty umbrella and I pulled the hood of my sweatshirt up as we headed to the other entrance. We were early, and there were already a handful of moms and kids waiting. The line built up behind me quickly, and the drizzle turned into a steady rain.

Staff kept sticking their head out the door asking why we were all standing there, and they all looked confused when we told them that we were there for round-up. They kept us outside, each saying "Well I'll find out what's going on". Finally, after about 25 minutes of waiting, 10 minutes passed the scheduled start time, they let us in one by one after giving us a numbered post it note.

We got inside and stayed in line so we could show all of our documentation before being given our enrollment paperwork. When it was our turn, I found out that they had never received the fax from the doctor's office, so we went to a table and I called the office. Apparently, they got a busy signal and never tried to send it again. They finally sent it over 45 minutes later.

Sometime during this wait, someone finally decided to break out coloring sheets and crayons for the future kindergartners we were all told to bring along with us. Apparently, they had nothing planned but the filling out of paperwork.

As I filled out the paperwork I had finally gotten into my hands, they collected all the documentation from us one by one to make copies. I asked about protective orders, and they said the school would need a copy before the first day of school, so I pulled that out and turned it over with the shot record, birth certificate, Social Security card, copy of our lease, and my drivers license. 

After all the paperwork was done, we were then told to go get into another line. Thankfully, they brought out a few cookies while we waited. Finally, it was our turn. We went up to the table and yet again had to present all of our documents so they could be checked off. Then, the freshly done paperwork was gone over to check that everything was filled out. I was then handed a pamphlet on how to prepare my child for kindergarten, and we were sent on our way.

The walk home was nothing short of miserable. Ryli was mad that she didn't at least get to see the classroom. And by mad, I mean up until the point where we came up to the street at the crosswalk, she was threatening an all-out nuclear meltdown. She tripped crossing the street and cried over her hands the rest of the way home. When we got their, she started bragging to her brother that she got to see her school. Go figure.

All and all, I would have to say that was the single most disorganized excuse for a school event that I have ever been to, and I hope that we move to a different area before the school bells ring again for the 2015-2016 school year.