Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life With/Life Without Week Two: A Vehicle

Since I was sixteen years old, I can honestly count the periods of time that I was without a car for any prolonged period of time on one hand. It was just one of those things that I always did my utmost to avoid at any costs, and usually managed to do a very good job at that. 

This past November, a mere week before the kids went in for their ENT surgeries (tubes for both, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy for Landry), I found myself quite unexpectedly without a vehicle. I can't lie, I pretty much freaked out at the time. Then, as the shock subsided, I decided that it couldn't be that bad. I live in one of the bigger cities in the country, and there is quite the public transportation system here. As a matter of fact, I live right on one of the route heavy streets. There's a couple of businesses I frequent within a short walk. For the places not exactly on the beaten path, like doctors' offices and things of the like, there are ways to make public transit work, or other means of transport that I can use.

I have to admit, it has been fun not having a car to a certain degree. Riding the bus with Ryli and Landry is never a dull moment. They even rode their first DART train back in January. They entertain their fellow  riders, that's for sure. Granted, going anywhere takes a bit more planning and advanced notice, but it really isn't all that bad. The only time it's really bad is when it rains, but only while we are at uncovered bus stops and walking from point A to point B. In those circumstances, Landry is happy as a clam jumping from puddle to puddle, and Ryli's fine as long as she has her Hello, Kitty umbrella and one of her raincoats. I tend to be the proverbial wet blanket.

My friend Cynthia has been kind enough to chauffer one day a month (at least) so I can run errands. She's so sweet, she watches the kids in the car while I run and do whatever. Memaw has also helped us out in those binds I have occasionally found ourselves in. 

For now, I will gladly take the "break" in budgeting gas money and all the other incidentals in not having wheels of our own. Soon enough, I will once again find myself dealing first hand with Dallas traffic.Until then, I will plot and plan how to get to where we need to be and just roll with it.