Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A VERY productive end to 12 kidless hours

I will admit this here, because the kids can't quite read yet. I cleaned the dickens out of their room while they were with their father... and wandered off to the dumpsters a cart of crap.. The toys that were all broken or missing way too many parts, buy for some reason which escapes me, will NOT part with. I vacuumed their floor. I sorted out all their toys and put them in bins and boxes.

I was waiting for them when Pepaw and Memaw pulled up. I told them I had something to show them, but I had to go upstairs first. They both freaked out. It was priceless. Then I sat down and told them that Eroy had come back because they hadn't been picking up. I explained to them that any toy that wasn't put away would be collected by Eroy and disappear for a bit.

Eroy was my childhood nemesis. I've given him a transformation into an elf who rides a raccoon from the cemetery dwelling monster that my dad and uncle concocted to try and deter myself and my twin brothers from mischief. It worked better with my brothers than me. I was older and Grandma spared me most of the time. I implemented Eroy once before, and it worked out well, so he's getting a reboot. Any toys that aren't put away before they go to sleep will disappear. Mommy is no longer cleaning their room.


And alas, I feel like a idiot. This was meant to be posted on Sunday evening. This Daylight Savings has me a bit discombobulated.