Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mippy Manor's Week in Review: Solo Saturaday Edition

This week has been a tad disappointing, I'm not going to lie. Plans have been postponed due to illness; the weather has been bingeing on an illegal substance (it has been psycho... snow.. in March... in Dallas?); the farce of kindergarten round-up; the general gloom. In short, with the exception of cooking some incredible eats, my get up and go pretty much left me high and dry, following Elvis out the nearest exit. 

There were little bursts of activity. Bills got paid. The kids have been helping in the kitchen, which has been both a blessing and a curse. Our system of doing the dishes actually made me miss them about 15 minutes after Memaw picked them up at noon. It's actually got me pretty proud. I didn't ask for the help. Ryli volunteered and Landry had to get in on the action. 

Fly Lady was an abysmal failure. There's no way to distort reality enough to say that it was even a mild success. I liked the snooze button way too much this week, which honestly threw everything into chaos. Add to that I just never got around to filling out my little to-do lists, and I was not productive at all. I had already figured out I'm much more productive if I fill it out and follow it. I'm as ADD as the sky is blue, and I know that, I'm just not on anything for it. It just gives me a tangible tool to do what I need to do. This was by far the longest stretch I've gone without the list, and NEVER again will I do it.

The Mippy Manor recipe for cabin fever was perfected this week. Monday was to wet from last week to take the kids to the playground. We made due with an Aldi run, but that was it. Tuesday was rainy all day. Ryli and I went to round up while Landry had a sitter. Wednesday was all rain. Memaw was good enough to run us to Kroger. She sat in the car and I made the run I was going to do on Monday. Thursday was Winter Wonderland, Take Two. The kids got to go play in it for a bit and then we ran and checked the mail. Yesterday we were faced with the soggy aftermath. So, at noon today, I turned two rather stir-crazy kiddos to Memaw. 

With the kids gone, I commenced to kicking the downstairs in the hindquarters in peace, without the tornadoes that the kids have been. It took no time at all, and I was nice enough to leave some jobs for Ryli and Landry when they get home. I dumped all the clean clothes out on my bed so the kids are forced to sleep in their room at least for a few hours a piece. 

Tonight, after the work I left them is done, second dinner is eaten, baths are taken, and jammies are on, we'll make cookies.After they're asleep and the laundry is dealt with, the meal plan and shopping list gets redone. There was nothing wrong with the first set, but I found the 12" cast iron skillet I've been wanting cheaper than even Wally World, and I bought a new skillet that I can cook it the oven with. So, now that I have both of those, I can make more of the one dish recipes that I've wanted to try. Woohoo!

So, despite most of the week sucking, we're ending it on a good note. Now to survive loosing an hour tonight! And I think I missed the kids just a smidge. I found a ton of little toys under furniture and in cabinets, so I did this to greet them when they come home: