Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day

Apparently, Mother Nature has gone off the deep end and had lost track of time and location. What started out as rain with intermittent downpours became freezing rain. That became sleet and snow, and here we are now that the storm has passed with about 3" of accumulation. I live in Dallas, and as you all know, it is March. Right? 

I'm at that stage with the kids that snow days are a lot like any other day. They haven't started school yet, so it hasn't become that awe inspiring thing that it morphs into when you go to school Monday-Friday. Granted, it is nice that they realize that its melting right now, so going anywhere very far is bound to be cold and wet, so they have hunkered down to play and periodically ask for something to drink, or if they can watch something. 

Right this very instant, Landry is content playing with his dinosaurs while watching a cartoon about a boy and his dinosaurs. Ryli keeps threatening to take a nap. All is relatively quiet for now. I think that last Thursday's snow and all the playing in it gave them their fill for the year. Landry complained of being cold for ages it seemed, wrapped in every blanket I could find. Ryli did refuse to take her coat off in case her friends went back out. 

Next year, Ryli for certain will be in kindergarten, with Landry hopefully in pre-k. Whether Landry makes it in or not, a snow day will be a treat for both of them, I'm sure.