Sunday, March 1, 2015

And so it begins anew...

Since April 2011, I tried and failed at blogging. I was a mom to a 13 month old who lived with my boyfriend, three kids who lived back in Iowa, and I was due in June. Add to that that the relationship I was in had some serious issues, most notably his abusive nature. My self-esteem took a serious down turn from which I am finally rebounding. I still wanted to blog, but alas, he knows the name of that blog, as well as the web address, so I've never really felt comfortable posting there again, even though the relationship is no more.

Instead of just picking up that dead horse of another blog, I will move on and start this from scratch. I'll still talk of being a stay at home mom with a "disability". I'll talk about the kids and all of their seemingly endless shenanigans. I will probably do reviews as well, because I like my subscription boxes, I am not going to lie. Hell, if I ever start to date again, you'll hear about it. 

My name is Lisa, and I am currently in my final months of being a 30-something. When I was 19, I had a stroke and lost pretty much any and all use of my right arm. I suppose it was a fair trade, however, because I wasn't supposed to be able to talk again, and I can do that as if nothing happened. I didn't find out why I had the stroke until almost 10 years later when I developed a pulmonary embolism. I am heterozygous for Factor 5 Leiden. Somehow, I had three healthy kids by that point, and two miscarriages.My last two pregnancies I had to take daily shots of blood thinner. I am a bit of a nerd/geek, whether the topic be sci-fi or Tudor England, and I am totally in love with A Song of Ice and Fire, more commonly known as Game of Thrones. I am a homebody. We don't have a vehicle at the moment, but live right on the bus line, and Ryli and Landry think the bus is a lot of fun so far.