Thursday, March 12, 2015

It came today!

We got the Fire Stick today. So far, it's even better than I'd imagined. And as far as getting it out of the box and setting it up, that was a cinch. I honestly think that Ryli could have done it herself  with  a little instruction. Well, that and a step stool to reach everything. Once I entered my wi-fi key in, it set itself up and launched into a tutorial that pretty much told you everything you needed to know to have it run well. 

 The kids watched Disney on Sling while I made dinner. As I  cleaned up from dinner, Landry wanted to watch Ninjago on Netflix. The picture was awesome on both apps, without a single hiccup. I love the remote. It's small, but the back "door" for the batteries is not easy to get off, which is a very good thing with the two tornadoes as housemates.

Before it arrived, I knew it would go in the living room. After all, it is the only TV I have that has HDMI input. I got to thinking as we waited for it to get here, though. I finally decided that I would take the converter box and rabbit ears to my room, and leave the blu-ray player in the kids' room. Easy peasy, every TV in the house has some type entertainment choice available. 

Tomorrow, after the kids wake up, I'll head upstairs to work on the bedrooms and the bathroom. Who knows, I may even dye my hair.