Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mad Scientist (insert evil laugh here)

I confess, I typically have a sizeable sweet tooth. Since the grocery trip a few weeks ago, I have come to realizing something pretty appalling, Somehow, besides two packages of brownie mix and some muffin mixes, I neglected to buy anything sweet. Most nights, Ryli and Landry couldn't really care less if there's a dessert, but when they get a hankering, it usually lasts a few days, easily.  When they want something sweet, they are extremely persistent and will not forget.

Sunday night, they weren't asking for dessert. They were outright demanding it, which set off my sweet tooth. The muffin tin and the brownie pan were in the wash and in use, respectively. A crazy idea started to formulate in my warped and tired mind. I grabbed a tube of refrigerated crescent rolls and the honey bear. After rolling half the tube up with just honey, I pulled out the cinnamon and sprinkled that on the honey before rolling them up the second half and cooking as always.

After the allotted 14-17 minutes baking, I yanked them from the oven, and they smelled delicious. I somehow managed to buy them enough time to cool before the kids realized that they were done. I managed to sneak two for myself. Had I known that everyone was going to be so head over heels for the sticky, ooey, gooey, pretty cheap treat, I would have started making them long ago.

We made them again, only this time, I did spray the pan before I laid out the honey-fied goodness to pop them in the oven. I knew from the first batch that the pan would be a horrid, sticky mess without a spray. Day three, and they wanted them again, only this time they made it clear they wanted something other than honey and cinnamon. I was stumped until I remembered the chocolate syrup. That was a hit as well, although somehow proved messier than the honey and cinnamon.

All in all, it was a success. It also made me recall a few little recipes of sweet and/or salty snacks from back in the late 70's- early 80's that I think need to be resurrected.