Friday, March 6, 2015

Well I am impressed about something!

So, the kids were a bit on the awful side yesterday. No biggie, everyone has their off days. It was one of those days where anything I accomplished in the living room was undone the instant I tried to do something in another room. I've been doing this long enough that I think I'd be shocked if it didn't happen. The fact that they go to Memaw and Pepaw's to see their father Saturday and Sunday for the usual six hour visits probably has a little (or a lot) to do with it. 

So, by  the time I was finding myself counting the minutes until I could ship them off to dreamland and get something done, it was time to take care of a few things in the kitchen so I could eventually put them to bed. I thought I did an okay job of getting them occupied, but the second I went into the kitchen, they were at my heels, begging to be put to work. I pulled chairs up to the kitchen sink and set them to rinsing dishes so I could make sure that all the dirties were loaded up. 

There was an accident when I had them help start the dishwasher. The pre-arranged deal was Ryli put the washer pod in the compartment, Landry shut the compartment, and they shut the door together so I could turn the dial. Ryli was a bit over zealous and started lifting the door before Landry bent over low enough to grab the door and she caught him in the chin. That whole debacle was resolved with a tearful Ryli telling him how sorry she was, and kisses from she and I.

Once again, I tried to get them busy in the living room so I could finish off the meal I'd started in the crock pot Wednesday night in the event that the frozen precipitation knocked our power out, then do the sides. Once again, they were so not having it. I got the sauce thickened and put the chicken covered in sauce in the oven to heat it back up and they were back. So, they took turn handing me green beans so I could trim off the ends. They did the same thing as I halved the grape tomatoes, and then I'd hand them back to the hand that gave it to me to make sure the halves were unattached.That was made difficult by the fact that they love grape tomatoes almost as much as they love bananas. 

They watched me on and off as I warmed the butter in the skillet and then dumped in the tomatoes. Ryli grilled me about what I was sprinkling on them. All Landry cared about was I did nothing to make them spicy. When the tomatoes had cooked enough and I added the green beans, they promptly left, as they saw me grab the pineapple, so they knew I was about to open the can. I sent them off to get the table ready while I finished up and to seat themselves. 

They ate all their dinners before helping me clean off my plate and they ate all the pineapple again. And then, without warning, the lull ended until I finally got them to sleep.