Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mama's Mission of the Month April 2015

Welcome to April and another Mama's Mission of the Month. Here's to doing even more in the accomplished list than I did in March.

  • Read at least 3 books this month
  • Watch Game of Thrones & Wolf Hall when they premiere 
  • Prep for final hearing and the results of X's plea

  • Work on "school work" with the kids
  • Continue with the chore charts
  • Talk/text with The Bigs more

  • Keep going with the Fly Lady bit (and do it right)
  • Stay current on chore charts.
  • Budget time more effectively

  • Follow budget
  • Follow weekly meal plans
  • Try making at least one new recipe a week

  • Start playing catch-up on Christmas savings & start emergency fund
  • Stick to April budget like glue
  • Deal with old debt

  • Read more blogs more often
  • Start researching getting sponsors
  • Try and get some followers for this blog that actually subscribe.

  • Set a date for Ser Steak with Cynthia
  • Amtrak south to see Grandma-mom and Dacey
  • Write letters to The Bigs and call Grandpa Ron frequently (he just retired)

  • Start thinking about moving
  • Get library cards and a zoo membership
  • Monthly bus pass