Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mippy Manor's Week in Review: Solo Edition

This has been an interesting week, to say the very least. Ryli and Landry have stayed out until almost 8:00 all week playing with the neighbor girls. I've hung around with their mom as well, and it has been a nice change. I never knew that a 5 year old girl and a 6 year old girl could butt heads so hard. And Landry proved that when it comes to rough housing with one of the neighbor boys, he can definitely hold his own. All that did get a little maddening, however, as Ryli and Landry peppered entire days with "Are they home yet?"

The chores went surprisingly well. Ryli makes her bed now after only having had to be asked one time, on Monday morning. They know that Eroy is coming to check up on them full time starting tomorrow night. I think Ryli will get it a little bit sooner. Then again, with the rate that her LPS pets loose their heads and deco-bits, maybe not. Landry always carries his larger dinosaurs off to bed with him. We shall see.

Tuesday night, I realized that my refrigerator was not working. In fact, judging by the fact that my tube of breakfast sausage resembled an over-inflated football, it had expired at least 24 hours before. Maintenance couldn't do anything about it that night, so it was 3:30 Wednesday afternoon before we got a replacement. Thankfully, all the meat and vegetables in the freezer didn't thaw out much, if at all, so Tuesday night, they went to one neighbor's, and the leftovers from the crock pot went to another.

Thursday, I got all ready to go to court. Then, once I was all ready to go and my friend was minutes away to pick us all up, I got the call that the hearing was going to be continued, since the morning docket had gone over. Now, I have to wait until June to get everything settled. 

After the kids got picked up today, I made a trip to Walmart for a few Easter things and groceries. I never expected to be followed home by a puppy from the bus stop, but I was. I put an ad on Craigslist to try and find his owner. He's been "fixed", but he didn't seem very well fed, and he was on me like white on rice until I locked him in the house and went out to meet the kids. He also drank water like he'd been in a desert.

I had them hurry to the door and knock on the window until he came up. Before I opened the door, I explained to them that someone may be looking for him, so he may not stay forever. They agreed, and I let them in. Puppy love, multiplied by three. As I write this, the three of them are all curled up in my bed, "How to Train Your Dragon 2" still playing.

We dyed Easter eggs tonight. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so it will limit the hiding places. Originally, I planned on six eggs a piece. Unfortunately, Landry bobbled and ultimately cracked an egg while removing it from the dye, so I had Ryli pick one of hers to eat. We then decided that next year, we would hide six eggs each, then seven, and so-on. Ryli's age will determine the number of eggs that we will dye and the bunny will hide. 

Tomorrow, while they are gone again, I will perfect my cleaning of the house and put my Fly Lady control journal together. I'm not going to lie, I'm excited. I also have to run over to a neighbor's house and see if I can't procure a bit of dog food for Tag. I've also got to see if there's a place to get him checked for a chip within walking distance.

Time for me to go to bed... some bunny has to get up really early to hide eggs. I have it on good authority that she is going to break out the Easter baskets before bed to limit the amount of things she has to do when she gets up at six.