Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

The eggs have all been accounted for. Ryli has rifled all the way through her Easter basket, while Landry pretty much lost all interest in his once he saw his T-Rex.. He wasn't "in" the basket, being that he was too stinking big. Landry has been no more than a few inches from T-Rex. Ryli has been playing LPS at my other desk. It's been a pretty chill morning. The kids have been up since around 6:30. The Easter Bunny almost got busted. Figures the one time my alarm goes off that it wakes up a kid is when I'm playing Easter Bunny.

They went off happily to Memaw and Pepaw's, with minimal whining about missing the egg hunt that the complex was throwing on "our" playground. The rain helped on that one; I just told them it had been cancelled. Turns out, they still had it, but they had at least ten huge storage tubs of filled eggs, and not nearly enough of a turn out. So I asked if I could get a bag for Ryli and Landry since they were with their father. The kids now each have a bag full of plastic eggs when they get home.

Tag has been sleeping off and on all day. He did wake up while I was vacuuming. He bit my sweats and tried to pull me as I vacuumed. I got some dog food from my neighbor. Still no hits on the Craigslist ad. I must admit, I hope no one misses him. I suspect that no one will. The kids slept in my bed last night, along with Tag, who alternately cuddled with both of them all through the night. Ryli named him Tag, but Landry has given him another name that I can't quite pronounce. 

I am going to spend the last of my reprieve from the kids cleaning my desk (yawn), assembling my control journals, and making chore charts for the week. I'm pretty certain that the kids will be ready for bed within an hour of getting back home. They are rarely up before 8:00 when they're healthy. After they go down, I'll curl up in my bed and watch "Wolf Hall" on PBS, then read some Bring Up the Bodies to try and get it done prior to that half of the miniseries!