Friday, April 3, 2015

A presence from my childhood is back & getting a 21st century makeover

Way back when, my dad and my uncle devised a little monster named Eroy. His function was an attempt to keep us kids in line. He lived in the cemetery, not far from our house in a crypt. Eroy was used as a deterrent, and worked far better on my brothers than he did on me. I was constantly told not to play with Uncle Jim's drum kit, but I did, and nothing ever happened.

I have experimented with Eroy with the littles. I just made him into a little elf who rides a raccoon, and when they don't pick up their toys, has been known to take them.for a day or two. It works. I told Ryli she needs to start making her bed, or else Eroy would start pulling pranks on her. She has made her bed all week, with no reminder except for Monday. Next week, I'm going to have her teach Landry.

So, Easter Sunday, they will come home from visitation, and as I get them wound down, I will tell them that Eroy and I had a conversation, and things with their toys and general picking up and habits will change, lest Eroy take toys and their room under the stairs away. Simple little chores, and simple repercussions when they don't get done.

I want to make sure that Ryli and Landry start to learn now how to take care of their things. To make sure that the learn how to be responsible. I am going to have my work cut out for me, as I will be Eroy's assistant, if you will. I figure this will make things way easier for me come November, when Eroy's cousin Tyrion comes back from toy making duty at the North Pole.