Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ryli and Landry's photographic absence from the blog

I have been in a few forums for moms that have over the years found we had a fraud in our midst that was using stolen pictures of someone else's child(ren), claiming to be the mother. I have known people who deal with family members or friends re-posting pictures without their permission. That is why my Facebook and Instagram are on a form of lock-down. Then, there's the blog and the associated Twitter account. I don't want those on some super-secret spy level of security. So I just haven't posted pictures of the youngest of my brood.

I have been meaning to alleviate that issue for an age. I intended on getting a program to add in a watermark, but have always happened to have something else on my mind. So, I kept my promise to myself and didn't post and pictures of the kids. That finally has changed.

I was scrolling through Facebook, as I do from time to time, I had some time to kill as I waited for a cake to bake. I saw something that a friend had shared, thinking of one of her other friends. It was titled "My Son Was A Victim of Baby Role-Play: How to Keep Your Family Safe on the Internet" and suddenly, I remembered just why I hadn't posted any of their adorable antics on the blog.

I downloaded the apps that were suggested in the article on my old iPhone (it still has WiFi and gets used quite a lot). I then went through the app store for my Lumia (still not in love with Windows OS on a phone). So, now I have watermarking apps on the phones. So, if they do something photo worthy that I choose to post, I will gleefully slap a watermark on it and post it.