Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mippy Manor's Week in Review: Chaos Edition

Ahhhh... I am sure that I was not the only person who began this week by that phenomenon I call Holiday Hangover. Coupled with the fact that we had Tag here to boot, it was definitely not your average week. I'm not complaining, but it just was a bit off kilter.

Since it is officially spring, the kids have once again been playing outside with the neighbor kids when they get home from school. By around noon, they start asking if their friends are home to play yet. They have gone out during the day a bit this week, as our neighbor has brought over his two year old charge. The old storage bins from our minivan have been getting a ton of use. Ryli uses one for her Littlest Pet Shop paraphernalia and dolls. Landry has his filled to the brim with dinosaurs. Having Tag around up until Thursday night definitely gave them a kick in the pants as far as picking up their toys.

I was originally going to write the "Life With/Life Without" series that I have been doing the past several weeks for a total of eight weeks. That notion has officially left the building, as I came up with three additional topics. I'm rather ashamed that I didn't think of any of the three sooner, but at least I thought of them while I'm still writing the series.

Our lease here is up in under a month. I'm starting to gear up for the inevitable packing, which I will more than likely start as soon as we get the annual inspection done next week. The part I fear the most is taking the kids away from all their friends that live a hop, skip, and a jump away, but they will make new friends. Also, I will eventually need to scrounge up movers. I'll cross that bridge when we get there, I guess.

We have to restart getting Ryli and Landry to sleep in their own beds. With Tag here, I had to have him in the room with me, which meant they were in my bed as well. That will start tonight with a vengeance. The stupid folded laundry did not put itself away, so that's what I get to do tonight as a nightcap. 

Thursday night we went grocery shopping with our neighbor Nicole. Of course the kids minded freakishly well. They had an audience to preform for, after all. The best part of that, though, is that we got a few treats to bake tomorrow, like pretzels and chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and Landry's undying love of play dough will surely require a replenishment of his stores. Hopefully, he will forgive me if I forgot to grab more food coloring. If he has a problem with it, I'll just remind him that we would have food coloring if he and Ryli did not demand to have their bath water colored.

I'm really missing Tag. More than I dare let on with Ryli and Landry. Soon enough, though, we will have a new place, ideally one level with a yard, and a puppy won't be so daunting of an undertaking. Tag would get tired and want to nap, and he would always find me and curl up at my feet.

Here is to a dozy of a week, with appointments three consecutive days. We get our monthly water delivery, I start a parenting class, and who knows what else. Thursday will mark one week from seeing my mom and Dacey. That will be quite the adventure, taking the bus and train to Union Station, and from there, on to an southbound Amtrak. My mom is going to bring us back on Saturday, That I can NOT wait for. The kids will get more excited as it draws nearer, I am certain.

And I almost forgot... Winter is coming! Season five Game of Thrones starts tomorrow night!