Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Mini-Vacation

Last Thursday, after loading the booster seat and all the needed things for a few days, we left for the bus stop. We transferred at the station to a DART train to Union Station, and from there, we got on the Texas Eagle to Temple, where GrandmaMom would be picking us up. 

The bus ride was a cinch, as we ride them quite frequently. The DART train was exciting. It was our second ride; it was also the first time that my ticket was checked. The officer then playfully rounded on the kids and asked where their tickets were. When they both told them they didn't have any, he laughed and said that deputies didn't need them. He took out a bundle of sticker badges which they gleefully affixed to their shirts.

The train ride soon reached downtown Dallas, where the kids were mesmerized by the fact that the taller buildings disappeared into the clouds. Ryli posed for a picture with her badge quite gleefully, while Landry decided to gnaw on Zebra D. Giraffe's head instead.

We made it to Union Station, and after a quick potty break and getting some snacks out of the vending machine, I went to get us checked in. That's where I found out that the train was 30 minutes ahead of schedule; only five minutes away. When the train was announced, Landry went crazy. We went out to the boarding area, and watched it roll in.

Landry and Ryli both lost it when the train arrived and they heard one of the conductors holler "All aboard!"

We got our seats, and made sure they were as close as possible to the stairs leading to the bathrooms. Over the next couple of hours, everyone in our party had their patience tried between the train running thirty minutes ahead of schedule and the fact that I didn't check the itinerary, so the hour plus layover in Fort Worth surprised us. Thankfully, they were persuaded to take a nap. All in all, they had a blast, I think.

My mom was waiting when we pulled into Temple. A quick run to Target, and we were off to the hotel. Dacey stayed with us, and we went out to eat and went swimming. Ryli and Landry both defected to their big sister's bed, so I actually slept alone! 

Friday was a trip to the outlet mall in Round Rock, after we partook in some Round Rock Donuts with Dacey and GrandmaMom. Landry insisted on some McDonald's for lunch. We went to HEB and got some grub for the grill and headed to GrandmaMom's.

After grilling up some brats and hot dogs, we headed down to the Wahlburg Beer-garden. When Ryli and Landry didn't have at least one of the adults hauled off to the arcade, they danced and played in front of the stage while the band played. My mind was on vacation, and I forgot my phone, or else I'd have pictures.

Saturday, we had a good breakfast and "helped" GrandmaMom and Grandpa Alan do some yard work. The kids even helped a bit stomping down the new sod. After all that fun, we headed to el Monumento, where Dacey ate dinner with us between her two shifts. 

After that, it was back to Dallas. By Sunday evening, I was very grateful that my mom had brought us home the night before. Had we left 24 hours later, we would have run into the thunderstorms that spawned tornadoes.