Saturday, June 13, 2015

Landry's last day as a threenager

Here it is, a little after 11:00, and he is still sleeping. I'm letting him, he's had a rough week. His first prize from the Poke-R Club was put in the mail Thursday, so that will stretch out the birthday festivities, and Grandpa Ron's gift may or may not arrive today. Mimi's gift will be up here early this week, so we'll find a way to get to Arlington to pick it up from Great Aunt Janey. GrandmaMom and Grandpa Alan's girt is still perched atop the washer/dryer, with the kids none the wiser.

Nicole gleefully volunteered to make his cupcakes at her place, which should guarantee that they actually make it to his birthday present and accounted for. Ryli may or may not go to "help". Nicole went to Build-A-Bear to get Landry's present, and I know for a fact that he will go insane. I look forward to that particular gift, because I would much rather he climb into my bed in the wee hours of morning with it than with the gifts he got from me and already claimed. 

Tomorrow will most likely be spent at the pool as much as possible. At some point, we will have Landry's birthday dinner. He requested McDonald's, so McDonald's it will be, but we will have watermelon as well. Then, the cupcakes and some ice cream, and more playing at the pool. 

The final birthday present will come on Thursday or Friday. Mr. Obsessed with Dinosaurs will get to see the movie that he's been obsessing over since he saw the preview for it during the Super Bowl. We're going to go see Jurassic World, more than likely with his friend Jayden, who also has a birthday next week. 

Originally, I was going to get him a scooter and the accessories to go with it, but the diagnosis of ITP would have made that a cruel choice. He may have just had IVIg, but there is no way of telling if it will work any better than the steroids, so why risk a a gift that he may not always be able to use at will? To avoid the fights and the sad little boy, I got him a clutch of new dinosaurs, and a trip to the movies. Win-win in my humble opinion.

And now, he's awake and celebrating being the little brother. Yes, he is torturing Ryli already. Time to put on my referee's stripes and pick things up a bit. Tomorrow is party day!