Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Call me Nervous Nellie

Landry has labs in the morning. We haven't been to Children's since the day he took his last round of steroids. He was at 217K for platelets back then. That is not the case tonight. I'm going to guess that they are, at best, in the 30K range. Last time I made a statement like that, they were at a 4K. He's been moodier than normal, and acting wilder than normal, plus sleeping and itching more than normal... acting the same way as the last time the numbers plummeted. And the petechiae, or as Landry calls them, "my ITPs".

His fourth birthday is Sunday. At one time, I was hoping that I would be buying him a scooter, pads, and helmet. Now, it's Jurassic World toys and the movie for him. It would be torture for him to get him a scooter now. I'd have to lock it up if his numbers were too low, and he is on a veritable roller coaster as far as his numbers go. So, dinosaurs and a movie it is, and the hope that I can get him a bike or scooter for Christmas. 

So, tomorrow morning, I will pack us up for our ride to Children's. Lots of snacks and things to make the time go faster if the numbers are low, because if they are, he will get his first round of IVIg. We also have his dear Buzzy to go along for this trip. Hopefully, that makes any pokes go by a little easier. 

Time to go and try to ease my mind enough to get some sleep.