Saturday, May 30, 2015

So, here's the deal...

I have been nothing short of a piss-poor blogger. Quite frankly, it's been a crazy month and a half, between getting appointments finally rescheduled and all the trips to Children's for lab work. There has also been dealing with the side-effects of Prednisone in a three year old when Texas refuses to dry out. He's also been eating like a proverbial horse Good times, I tell you, so long as mommy has plenty of caffeine, Add to all that the week or so that the drain for my kitchen had an intermittent clog for about a week, DART train line closures and re-routes, and it was more fun than anyone should be allowed for any one single mom.

So, in the final two days of May, here I am, once again doing a reboot of sorts. Not just with the blog, either. Basically, with EVERYTHING. I'll cover the blog first, because that's what this is, after all. 

I'm making one change to how I do Mama's Mission of the Month for starters. On the last day of every month, I'll post the following month's goals. Tomorrow, June's goals will be revealed. Starting in June, on the last day of the month, I'll do the recap and reveal for July. That will be the way I'll do it, just so it doesn't eat up two days worth of posts.

"Life With/Life Without" will be getting a reboot. I'm basically starting over. I'm not going to just pull a copy and paste job on what's already been written, because, quite frankly, I'm unhappy with the previously posted product. I drafted them on the computer for the sake of time, and I'm an old fashioned girl that way. All my posts are going to be drafted with pen and paper and then typed out. The way I used to do school assignments. It is my groove, and I want it back, damn it. 

I will post updates on Landry's journey with ITP. Just to bring you all up to speed, the second time we went to Children's and he had a level of 28, they scheduled a follow-up in June. By early the next week, I was calling to ask for a draw. Mommy's instinct was spot on, as his count was at 7. I was given a ton of instructions and a prescription for Prednisone in the event that certain criteria were meet. We ended up in the ER for a few hours that night, as Ryli was running one way, Landry the other, and it resulted in a head on collision. The lower the count, the greater likelihood of a brain bleed, and it's far better to be safe than sorry. By Friday, I spotted purpura (a rash of purple spots on the skin caused by internal bleeding from small blood vessels.) in his mouth and called it in. Steroids started that day. With a dose left, his labs showed his levels were 118. We scheduled an appointment for the following week. Ten days removed from that beautiful, triple digit count, he was at 4. One more round of steroids while they finished up getting insurance authorization for IVIg. Two days after coming off Prednisone, his count was a whopping 217. Next appointment is nearly two weeks out, and its the original follow up appointment. They have slid it up to 9:30 in the event IVIg is necessary, to remove the need for two trips. I'm nervous. He's clueless.

The whole ITP thing has been a bit of a trip. I already know what to look for, and so far, since the diagnosis, my "Mommy Sense" goes berserk around 30. Ryli has been great. Landry is pretty good, other than the lab draws. At this point, I'm not sure if he totally hates them, or if he's putting on a bit of a show. He wears his band for as long as he can, which is cute. Right now, for a brief little bit, he can almost be normal. Still need to watch his head, though, because the drop from 217 to the range in which I can tell his numbers are dropping is huge, and right now, he's not all that far into the "normal" range of platelet level.

This summer, Ryli and Landry each get to go to a day camp. I could have put them both into the same camp, but I thought that it'd be a treat if I sent them separately. That way, they get two week's worth  little breaks from each other, and in turn get some one on one time with me. 

The homeschool curriculum that I bought over a year ago is no longer collecting dust. Copies have been made, and we will be starting Monday. It should be fun. I've already discussed not sending Landry to daycare of any kind in the fall until his ITP clears, so we will continue through after Ryli starts kindergarten in the fall. I'll post little schoolhouse recaps on Fridays.

I've decided to ride it out a bit longer here. Moving would be a logistical nightmare, and right now, where we are may not be the best neighborhood, but it is very convenient to pretty much everything. Ryli's future school is just across the street. There are several major bus lines that go down our street, and they both have stops that cover three of the four train lines. There's an after school enrichment program that Ryli has been dying to start. It's close to every store I really need, and I've also made friends with the kids' friends' parents, plus there's Nicole, our resident teacher.

Expect to see more food on here as well. I have been a tad berserk in finding recipes, and June will be a month of trying a lot of new things. I am hoping that they will all be successful, but odds are there will probably be a minimum of one epic fail. 

To sum all of this up, I am back, and I don't intend to fall off like I did before. You have been warned!