Thursday, May 14, 2015

Introducing Rex and Arya

Ever since we temporarily housed little lost Tag back around Easter, Ryli and Landry have been relentless on the fact that they wanted a pet. They have also been pulling at the old heartstrings, reminiscing about Percy, Zeke, and Katy. Then came Landry's diagnosis of ITP.

Thursday, I was looking at craigslist, and I really don't recall why. I came across an ad for free kittens. I thought that it just might make it easier to keep Landry inside when the neighbor kids are doing things he can't at this time do, if he had someone to stay inside for. I contacted the lady, and sent a message to Nicole to see if maybe she'd give us a ride to pick one. 

In the ensuing simultaneous conversations, Nicole said she'd take one, and the kitten lady said that she had three of the five advertised left. At that point, I decided that we'd take two. So, when Nicole got off work on Friday, we trekked off to Plano.

Originally, I was supposed to take the boy and one of the girls. Unfortunately, when we returned home, there was a mix up, and we got two girls, it would appear. Since they're going to be "fixed" in July, it doesn't really matter that one of them is named Rex, right?

Arya is by far the feistier of the two, just like her Game of Thrones namesake. Rex is a laid back cuddle monster who likes to climb up on my shoulder from time to time, and perch as if she were a parrot. Rex is also crazy about Landry. And, just in case you were wondering, Rex is short for T-Rex. Landry is still obsessed with dinosaurs.

Ryli and Landry are both doing wonderfully on keeping them fed and watered. Landry has sort of surprised me by voluntarily taking up Poop Patrol. I say sort of simply from the standpoint that he is all about toilet humor, so he thinks that scooping poo is fun. I will gladly supervise and enjoy him willingly taking Poop Patrol while it lasts!

So, our family of three is now a family of five, and so far, so good. When I manage to sneak a picture of the kids with the kittens, I'll put one up. I will say, however, having them around has definitely been helpful in contenting Landry to stay inside as opposed to trying to go out and jump on a scooter.