Sunday, May 31, 2015

June's Mama's Mission of the Month

Another month, another set of goals. I'm sort of taking it easy this month, as in I didn't always put three tasks per subject. I'm doing it to allow for things like unplanned blood draws or knocks to the head for Landry, and pool time and fun time for everybody. This is, after all, Ryli's last summer not bookended by school. Wish me luck! 


  • Read at least four books
  • Finish setting up my "office"
  • Try and do at least one thing with a friend without the kids
  • Talk to each one of The Bigs
  • Chore Charts
  • Rewards for chore charts
  • Get them into a routine
  • Start Moving Beyond the Page 4-5
  • Seriously curb the screen time
  • Follow budget
  • Try at least 6 new recipes
  • Figure out ways to make things run smoother
  • Keep everyone's appointments
  • Watch for platelet drops
  • Blog regularly
  • Tweet about blog posts
  • Get FB page up and going
  • Hide Tooth Fairy money
  • Landry's birthday!!!
  • Reboot FlyLady AGAIN