Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm still around...

I just changed the name and moved to a different platform. You can find me at Please, come on over!

Friday, October 2, 2015

I am so done with this week...

Ryli was home sick Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Allergies have been awful all around this year, and hers decided to camp out in her chest, then clog up her left ear giving her another ear infection (hello, ear tubes part two). Monday, I had an appointment for me that I couldn't reschedule. Quite uncharacteristically, that was also an in and out proposition, so it could have been a lot worse. Tuesday was another appointment for me, and again, the kids were about as saintly as they get. 

Yesterday, she went back to school, but not before passing the "cough until you puke" torch to Landry, who zealously puked all over my bed in the wee hours of morning. So, he and his "puke bowl" accompanied me along to the appointment with the ortho (six weeks of physical therapy for me, and then he'll maybe order an MRI).

Landry fell asleep on Connor last night. Then puked on him twice, in quick succession, catching both cushions of the couch as collateral damage. While I started his bath, he puked on his sister's body pillow. Not a good night for anyone. I got him cleaned up and the bed remade, and we all called it an early night last night.

True to form, they are happy and seem healthy today, just in time to go see Daddy and Memaw tomorrow. I think I may sleep the entire time. Oh, scratch that. I have to adult first. Stupid things like finish dealing with all the laundry that they brought on, bedding and clothes,  and just general clean up that didn't quite get done during the weeks festivities. Then, I'll get ready for next week, which should be somewhat epic, particularly if I actually get it all pulled off. At least I can do the prepping for next week while lounging on my ass. 

I just have to keep telling myself that next week WILL be better. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mama's Mission of the Month: October 2015

Yes... I am so excited to start this again. I went to go grab the link to the original post on Mama Jenn, and had the surprise that she herself has a ton of posts up again. So, after I get this squared away, where do you think I'll be?

Here goes nothing...

  1. Start drinking more water and less caffeine
  2. Take all medications on time
  3. Go see the ortho about my stupid, noisy, painful knee
  1. At least one real date night
  2. Work more on communication
  1. Get the kids to all of their appointments
  2. Start chore charts (with incentives) on 10/5
  3. Go on Ryli's first Girl Scout camp out
  1. Get back into Moving Beyond the Page with Landry
  2. for both the kids
  3. Work with Landry on helping out
  1. Meal plan and stick to it
  2. Budget and stick to it
  3. Get this place ship shape by October 15th
  1. Wednesday Facebook chats with Teeni
  2. Update contacts in iPad, phones, and Cozi
  3. Care package for Tucker
  1. Get this reboot started (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  2. Start shopping for a 2016 blog planner
  3. Get focused
  1. Routines (FlyLady again, Clean Mama's 31 Days to a Clean House and Cleaning Calender for 2015, Chore Charts, etc.)
  2. Keep all calendars current
  3. Keep ALL appointments
Let's see how this month pans out. Drum roll for November 1st! I'll also roll out November's mission. I'll see you then!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sick kids, bum knee, allergies...

Yeah... things suck around here right now. My knee is making a bowl of Rice Crispies seem quiet and bringing various kinds of aches, pains, and general misery. I get to see an orthopedic surgeon (*GULP*) tomorrow about that. Ryli has an ear infection thanks to no more tubes and seasonal allergies gone wild. She will hopefully go to school for the first time this week tomorrow. And now Landry is running a fever. He refused the Tylenol that I offered him and instead passed out on the couch. Connor and I are still healthy... knock on wood. Connor stayed up entirely too late last night while I took Ryli in to the late night clinic, so I already informed him that he will be going to bed EARLY tonight.

Tomorrow starts the reboot. Hopefully, it goes a bit better than the rest of them and I never need another reboot.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Remember me??

So, in the grand scheme of things, this blog isn't that old, but I have been nothing short of craptastic in my consistency.  I just derailed around Landry's birthday, and things got a bit more chaotic before they started to get better.

Honestly, June and July were nuts. Trips to the pool, hanging out with the neighbors,  the final court date regarding custody and all of that, summer day camps, Ms. Cole taking each of the two little ones to Six Flags on a day of the week at the other was at day camp. Ryli was the little psycho on her trip to Six Flags. Totally well behaved, but she rode on Dive Bomber Alley. Look it up on Google. What sane 5 year old wold do that once, and then proclaim that she'd do it again? Ryli and Ms. Cole also told the same story... Ms. Cole screamed her lungs out; Ryli did not. I may have an adrenaline junkie on my hands.

ITP is still lurking about, regrettably. Landry still gets occasional outbreaks of petechiae, but fortunately has kept his numbers up high enough that we don't go back (knock on wood) until late October. He may actually get his regularly scheduled 4 year shots... Imagine that.

Towards the end of July, I started seeing someone. The first weekend in August brought my three big ones down. Dacey and her boyfriend Jesse cooked for us before they left, leaving behind Connor and Tucker for the weekend. Ryli and Landry had visitation with their dad that weekend, so it was nice to have some time with just the bigs and then with everybody. Connor, Tucker, Ms. Cole and I went to North Park to shop, fix an iPad, eat and see Inside Out Sunday was more shopping at Fire Wheel (Connor bought A Song of Ice and Fire boxed set... YEAH) and we just roamed the place.

Connor and Tucker took Amtrak to my mom's on Monday. A few short weeks after that, my aunt and I had a couple talks, and Connor flew down here to live with us on August 22nd. School was supposed to start on the 24th for everyone, but due to Connor's old school operating on a trimester schedule and everything around operating on semesters, transferring became a big, fat hassle. He lost a LOT of credits in the transfer, making him a junior yet again if he went to a traditional school. So, Connor is in a charter. If he works hard enough, he will still be class of 2016.

Connor and I have done a ton of work around the house while Ryli and Landry have been with their dad. Landry has also made Connor into his own jungle gym. For a 17 year old, he handles it pretty well. We are still grappling with getting the morning routine down, but it is getting better.

Ryli is in Girl Scouts. Between that and all the various appointments and whatnot, we are BUSY! Landry has speech therapy, there's the stuff for everyone's mental health, physical health, the things that keep me sane, school, scouts, and the fundraisers have started. To put the icing on the cake, my knee isn't getting better with the weight I've lost. I went to the emergency room at Presbyterian  Tuesday night because I couldn't bear weight and was diagnosed with effusion and referred to an orthopedic doctor. Good news, it isn't arthritis. Bad news, it's probably something strained, sprained, torn, or blown, and I may end up having surgery. Woohoo to that noise.

Oh, and last week, I left the thirty-something crowd and turned 40. I have not quite wrapped my mind around that one. Fortunately, I have had no issue remembering my age on paperwork. Since Connor has arrived, there has been an over abundance of paperwork in my life. It's all worth it to have him here.

I am once again going to attempt to resurrect this blog of mine and post to it regularly. I am feeling much more capable of it now that the meds are back and I've got the house almost completely under control (thanks to Connor and the obscene amount of printables that I am now using on a regular basis). Admittedly, it may be spotty up until the first, but then I will be back daily, or at least damn close!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Changes everywhere...

Since the last time I posted, Landry turned four. Ryli and Landry both went to summer camp. They also were taken to Six Flags by Ms. Cole on the other one's camp weeks. There have been well child check ups, ear infections, and the occasional platelet check. Connor and Tucker came down and spent a few days with us before going to my mom's. Ryli got signed up for Girl Scouts. Landry started speech therapy. Connor moved down two days before school started. Ryli started school. After many issues and much angst, Connor FINALLY started school a week and a half late. Landry started homeschooling. Ryli went to her first Girl Scout meeting. We have been crazy busy. There was more, but I won't bother you with that now.

We are getting used to the current state.It has been interesting, to put it ever so mildly. I have become fueled by caffeine. Lots and lots of it. Coffee or Diet Mountain Dew (or its equally delish Kroger equivalent). Up around 5:45-6:00 on most weekdays, in bed by 11:00. Last weekend, while the younger two were off visiting with Daddy and Memaw, Connor and I shampooed carpets and sorted clothes. The carpet looks better, and Connor has more money in the bank, so all in all, not too shabby.

The garbage has been taken out often, and Landry must tote something out along side Connor. I suddenly have three assistants for loading and unloading the dishwasher. Clean up is becoming easier, except in the case of last night's first Girl Scout meeting, following a day full of speech therapy and resident meetings. 

It's nearing that time of day when I must get Landry ready to trek to get Ryli from school. I think we might go get a treat after for fun. Then we'll meet up with Connor and plot this weekend's adventures.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Landry's last day as a threenager

Here it is, a little after 11:00, and he is still sleeping. I'm letting him, he's had a rough week. His first prize from the Poke-R Club was put in the mail Thursday, so that will stretch out the birthday festivities, and Grandpa Ron's gift may or may not arrive today. Mimi's gift will be up here early this week, so we'll find a way to get to Arlington to pick it up from Great Aunt Janey. GrandmaMom and Grandpa Alan's girt is still perched atop the washer/dryer, with the kids none the wiser.

Nicole gleefully volunteered to make his cupcakes at her place, which should guarantee that they actually make it to his birthday present and accounted for. Ryli may or may not go to "help". Nicole went to Build-A-Bear to get Landry's present, and I know for a fact that he will go insane. I look forward to that particular gift, because I would much rather he climb into my bed in the wee hours of morning with it than with the gifts he got from me and already claimed. 

Tomorrow will most likely be spent at the pool as much as possible. At some point, we will have Landry's birthday dinner. He requested McDonald's, so McDonald's it will be, but we will have watermelon as well. Then, the cupcakes and some ice cream, and more playing at the pool. 

The final birthday present will come on Thursday or Friday. Mr. Obsessed with Dinosaurs will get to see the movie that he's been obsessing over since he saw the preview for it during the Super Bowl. We're going to go see Jurassic World, more than likely with his friend Jayden, who also has a birthday next week. 

Originally, I was going to get him a scooter and the accessories to go with it, but the diagnosis of ITP would have made that a cruel choice. He may have just had IVIg, but there is no way of telling if it will work any better than the steroids, so why risk a a gift that he may not always be able to use at will? To avoid the fights and the sad little boy, I got him a clutch of new dinosaurs, and a trip to the movies. Win-win in my humble opinion.

And now, he's awake and celebrating being the little brother. Yes, he is torturing Ryli already. Time to put on my referee's stripes and pick things up a bit. Tomorrow is party day!