Friday, October 2, 2015

I am so done with this week...

Ryli was home sick Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Allergies have been awful all around this year, and hers decided to camp out in her chest, then clog up her left ear giving her another ear infection (hello, ear tubes part two). Monday, I had an appointment for me that I couldn't reschedule. Quite uncharacteristically, that was also an in and out proposition, so it could have been a lot worse. Tuesday was another appointment for me, and again, the kids were about as saintly as they get. 

Yesterday, she went back to school, but not before passing the "cough until you puke" torch to Landry, who zealously puked all over my bed in the wee hours of morning. So, he and his "puke bowl" accompanied me along to the appointment with the ortho (six weeks of physical therapy for me, and then he'll maybe order an MRI).

Landry fell asleep on Connor last night. Then puked on him twice, in quick succession, catching both cushions of the couch as collateral damage. While I started his bath, he puked on his sister's body pillow. Not a good night for anyone. I got him cleaned up and the bed remade, and we all called it an early night last night.

True to form, they are happy and seem healthy today, just in time to go see Daddy and Memaw tomorrow. I think I may sleep the entire time. Oh, scratch that. I have to adult first. Stupid things like finish dealing with all the laundry that they brought on, bedding and clothes,  and just general clean up that didn't quite get done during the weeks festivities. Then, I'll get ready for next week, which should be somewhat epic, particularly if I actually get it all pulled off. At least I can do the prepping for next week while lounging on my ass. 

I just have to keep telling myself that next week WILL be better.